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Fuck sexual harassment. Nobody should be subject to it just because a disgusting person likes looking at your body and couldn’t keep their hands off of you. Fucking control yourself. I’m not going to validate your behavior because of the way I dress at the gym. I could literally just wear a sports bra and it still wouldn’t be okay to touch me. Get the fuck out of here I’m so sickened right now. 


Anonymous asked:

Just been diagnosed by a private psychiatrist as bipolar. He told me of a study that warns that antidepressants can make those suffering with bipolar disorder WORSE. Along with CBT, which are the two standard ways to treat depression in the UK. (And were how I was treated for depression up until this point.) I have never heard this before, but he's shown me the studies, and my own experiences kinda back it up. I FIND THIS TERRIFYING. Is it just me?


Oh yes, many psych drugs have the side effect of increasing suicidal thoughts and things like that. It all depends on which drug and the person. For one person, a certain drug may be a miracle and vastly improve their life, while for another, that exact same drug may make their illness substantially worse. This is an unfortunate fact of the psychiatric drug industry- we don’t know who will have what outcome with what drug. It’s sort of a big guessing game, which is completely unfortunate and very frightening. But one of these days, your doctor will help you get meds that works wonders for you. Keep in mind that this may happen on the first try, or you may have to go through several different meds.

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